Rob L O’neill


Emotion is the path to creating your own reality


New York City based Character Actor

Writer, Artist

Published Children’s Author / Illustrator

Robert L. O’Neill


     Robert O’Neill first got the bug for acting when he took  improvisational acting classes in High School. In the 1980’s he enjoyed dressing up as a clown or as Frankenstein for Children’s  Parties. In 2009 he took Improvisation and Scene study classes with teachers Jerry Brody, Carl Stillitano and Erin Flowers at The Open Door Acting Company. He has been in over 40 shows with The Open Door Acting Company since 2012.  Robert  enjoys playing diverse character actors ranging from the timid to the fierce, from the comedic to the dramatic. Robert brings truth and humanity to all the roles he plays.




Height: 5’10” Hair: Brown  Weight: 185 lbs.
 Eyes: Brown Age: 62


The Devil and Jesus – Jesus – The Jan Hus Playhouse NYC 2012

Shame’s wound – Bill – The Jan Hus Playhouse NYC 2012

Addiction – Tim – The Producer’s Club NYC 2013

How I Woke Up – John – The Producer’s Club NYC 2013

When The Truth Hurts – Brian – The Producer’s Club NYC 2013

Oz I Improv The Jan Hus Playhouse NYC 2013

Oz II Improv The Jan Hus Playhouse NYC 2014

Manifesting Your Dreams Improv The Jan Hus Playhouse NYC 2014

In Our Own Words Improv The Jan Hus Playhouse NYC 2014

Talking To Ourselves Improv The Jan Hus Playhouse NYC 2015

First Date Improv The Producer’s Club NYC 2015

Fools – Dr. Zubritsky – The Producer’s Club NYC 2016

Pain’s Eclipse – Todd Baxter – The Producer’s Club NYC 2016 

Buy Out! – Jack – The Producer’s Club  NYC 2017 

The Loveless Playwright – Playwright –  The Producer’s Club  NYC 2017 

The Russian Bride – Groom –  The Producer’s Club 2018

Hate Not Justified – Racist – The Producer’s Club NYC 2018                    


I have taken over 1,500 hours of classes since 2009 in Improvisation Theatre and Scene Study with The Open Door Acting Company with Carl Stillitano and Erin Flowers. I am The senior student and act as an assistant acting coach.


Sure Thing Brokers

Jesus Returns

To Plunge or not to Plunge

At the Platform Edge


Carpentry, Mural Painting, Sculpting, Cooking and Poetry

About Me

Acting has been a blessing in my life. I have enjoyed exploring the many sides to human nature. I have learned that I must let go and trust whenever I am playing a role. I don’t know how to be a character with my mind but  when I commit to the truth of my character my intuition knows best. I love this challenge of not knowing mentally and trusting anyway. Letting go of the ego’s grasp is one of my greatest joys in life! I have also learned that taking my attention off of myself and focussing on being of service to any actor I am  playing opposite is in truth what makes acting a really worthwhile and rewarding experience.